Individual Consultant (IC) development of the business plan and financial sustainability score card for the Chobe National Park


Страна: Ботсвана
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Дата публикации: 13-02-2018
Источник: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)


Individual Consultant (IC) development of the business plan and financial sustainability score card for the Chobe National Park
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : Botswana - BOTSWANA
Deadline : 23-Feb-18
Posted on : 13-Feb-18
Development Area : TOURISM
Reference Number : 44132
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00076326 - Improved Management Effectiveness of CKL of PAs
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Chobe National Park, which covers an area of around 10 590 SQ KM is located in the Northern part of Botswana within the Chobe District. The CNP was gazetted on the 08th March 1968 (GN No.4 of 1968). The Mababe Triangle was added in 1980 (SI No. 126 of 1980) and the Kakulwane triangle was added in 1987 (SI No. 9 of 1987). It is located at a point where the country boarders with Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe, positioning it between the two World Heritage Sites, the Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta. As well as one of the major wetlands, Ramsar Site where the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers meet. This makes it a home for many wildlife species and their habitats. Due to that it is a Worldrenowned tourism destination, and therefore requires to be effectively managed.

Like other PAs nationally, Chobe National Park, in order for it to successfully achieve its objective, the variety of resources it possesses as well as its services require sustainable sources of funding that are wisely and effectively managed. But CNP depends on one main source of funding, the government budget. Although this funding is annual and continuous it is absolutely insufficient as it covers only salaries and basic operations. This calls for the park to increase its revenue and diversify its sources of funding in order to achieve self-sufficiency.

There is absolute need for Chobe National Park not to rely on the traditional funding (central funding) only but to also employ the business models (use business principles, market analysis, business plans, dedicated staff and strategic partnership, long term financial planning, promote fiscal reform) in order to be financially sustainable. The PA management has to incorporate the basic business principles: Realism, Supply/Demand connection, Pro-investment environment, Efficiency, Diversification, Innovation, Transparency and Accountability. This shall promote financial sustainability and ensure that all costs associated with the management of a PA are met. This will also call for sustainable financial planning (financial analysis, cost reduction strategies, assessment of revenue mechanisms, reform of the legal and institutional framework, and implementation of the financial plan) which is a key element for reaching financial sustainability

The Chobe National Park needs a business plan that will provide the financial basis for effective management of its current operations and its likely expansion in subsequent years. The plan should also provide the structure and direction for developing targeted one year operational plans whose activities fall within the parameters of the business plan. It should be well articulated to adequately respond to the immediate annual demands of the park and can be used to justify the allocation of more funds for the park’s operations and to solicit resources from the private sector organisations interested in providing resources to the park.

In light of this, UNDP is seeking the services of an experienced protected area management specialist to develop a business plan and financial sustainability score card for the Chobe National Park. The service provider is expected to also advice on and facilitate the development of the implementation plan for the next five years that will guide the annual planning for the park to ensure that the planned annual activities are within the parameters of the business plan and the financial sustainability scorecard.

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