Feasibility Study of a Community Abattoir in Sehithwa for Nhabe Agricultural Management Association (NAMA)


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Дата публикации: 16-06-2017
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Feasibility Study of a Community Abattoir in Sehithwa for Nhabe Agricultural Management Association (NAMA)
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : Botswana - BOTSWANA
Deadline : 30-Jun-17
Posted on : 16-Jun-17
Development Area : OTHER
Reference Number : 38542
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00081415 - SLM Makgadikgadi
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The Government of Botswana in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are implementing a project called ‘Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in Rangeland Areas of Ngamiland District Landscapes for Improved Livelihoods’ (Ngamiland SLM Project). Following the numerous outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease in Ngamiland, Farmers have not been able to sell their cattle over several years, leading to a build up of the District herd to over half a million. Due to the prevalence of the poisonous plant Mogau (Dichapilatum Simosa), throughout the District, the distribution of cattle has tended to be along the periphery of the Okavango Delta, leading to immense pressure on the grazing resources in the areas. The bulge created by lack of selling of cattle is believed to be contributing to the continued degradation of the land.

Considering the fact that rangeland degradation is a complex and dynamic process driven by a multiplicity of socio-economic and bio-physical factors, there is a school of thought that reducing the bulge of excess cattle may reduce the pressure on the land. The current slaughter rate by the Maun Botswana Meat Commission is 120 cattle per day on a five - day week. This translates into an annual offtake of 31,200 cattle. It would take over ten years to remove the “bulge” if the BMC remains the only major abattoir in the area operating at the same capacity. Whilst there is a private abattoir with a similar slaughter capacity as the Maun BMC, its objectives are driven by private interests, which may not always be aligned to farmer’s interests.

There is another view that if livestock management is improved, the District will be able to increase its herd size. Under this scenario, the slaughter capacity would have to increase to match the offtake. An increased offtake would translate in an increased income from the livestock industry. Those who support this view argue that the District herd should be increased under improved management, as well as increase offtake from under 10% to 30% to allow an annual offtake which would inject a significant amount into the District economy annually.

Another school of thought is that the potential of the small stock sector has been completely overlooked. Small stock is owned by majority of the households in the District, especially female-headed households. Providing a slaughter market for small stock would bring much needed income to many households and help reduce poverty.

Nhabe Agricultural Management Association (NAMA) is a Farmers Association for both livestock and arable agriculture producers operating in communal areas of Ngamiland. The Association has been allocated a piece of land near Sehithwa village to construct an abattoir. The main goal of the community abattoir is to slaughter livestock from the Sehithwa communal area which is the most densely populated livestock area in the whole District. Secondly, NAMA would like to comply with the new Veterinary regulations that require that all livestock must be slaughtered in licensed slaughter facilities.

The Ngamiland SLM Project is seeking a multi-disciplinary team of experts to undertake a detailed Feasibility Study for the NAMA Community Abattoir near Sehithwa village.

The successful bidder is expected to conduct a detailed feasibility study on the community abattoir to determine if it can be feasible and viable under what conditions. Following completion of the study, NAMA shall be able to decisively proceed with the best option for the project backed by facts and figures from the feasibility study.


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